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Search Marketing is the process of acquiring traffic or customers via search engines such as Google, Yandex, Yahoo and others. The process is divided into two main disciplines: search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

What is Search Marketing

How long does it take to rank in Google?

If there is one question that I get at meetings with new clients, it is this one: "How long will it take my website to rank at the top of Google’s search results?"

Firstly, my philosophy in business is to choose long term gains over short term wins. Too often, the short term wins end up costing you in the long term.


And, that’s the tricky thing about search marketing. It can take a while! It’s a long-term play.

That's why I wanted to tackle this question head-on. After years of search marketing, I decided it was worth it to spend the time and resources to answer the question:  How long does it take before you get to the top of the search results?


In brief, a common response to this question would be that “It depends”. There are simply too many variables to consider: website strength, competition, budget, skills, etc.


But we are not here to get short answers. Luckily I was able to put together some data and give you a more quantifiable answer. Something more concrete than simply, “It depends”.



Which search marketing tactic is better?

Marketers debate as to whether one tactic is better than the other. As an Digital Marketer, I would argue that it depends on how quickly you want to get results. While paid search (SEM) can get you at the top of search pages instantly, organic search (SEO) will provide you with best return on investment (ROI) on the long term.


There are situations where paid search makes more sense than organic search. For example, if you are first launching a site and you want immediate visibility, it is a good idea to launch a paid campaign because it takes less time than SEO to get your site ranking in the top 4 results.

Although organic SEO takes longer to show results, ultimately it will be less costly and you will establish a search credibility that you may not establish with paid search.

When it comes to choosing the best marketing strategy for your business, it is important to consider your customer's needs and habits. Our customer behaviour research will help you get a broad and in-depth view of your target audience and will enable you to reduce the gap between your business and your customer.


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